Episode 160

A Love Letter to Sony

We begin this week with a world record update from Ro as the man claims to be sub 7 seconds. A date is also set for the world record attempt - late July, giving Ro 2 weeks to enter into an intensive camp to get into shape for the big event. Next up, Miguel airs yet another grievance, this time with Uber’s inferior competitor as he was left in a mexican stand-off with multiple drivers.

“TCB Top Ten” is back this week as Ro quizzes Sen and Mig’s knowledge on various top ten lists - this week we tackle tik tok stars, richest people, richest cities, highest grossing movies and most watched T.V. shows.

With the financial year 2022 done and dusted, the boys take some time to reflect on their purchases made during the year in “Fiscal Review.” With the tax man looming, we discuss some good purchases (oodie), bad purchases ($300 electric toothbrush), a niche discourse on holistic dentistry and an ode to Sony.

Also this week: DiDi, Carlos Slim, AC Milan, LUNA and net physics.

Segments this week:

The Logue: Tired of reaching around each other (at least on the podcast), the boys have instead decided to reach around the week’s news stories, events and viral trends.

TCB Top Ten: In this game, the boys are given various top ten lists and they must name as many of the top 10 as they can.

Fiscal Review: We look back at the past financial year and review some of the best and worst purchases we made.



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