Episode 57

Jellyfish Hot, Toasters Not

This week we pay tribute to our brown brothers and sisters in America. No, we don’t apply for Med School or join a bhangra team, instead we partake in the time honoured Indian tradition that is the Spelling Bee.

As per usual however, we begin the episode with the Logue. This week we look at Victoria and how they’ve single handedly screwed, pardon the pun, the rest of the country over. We also look at how even 2 of the world’s mightiest leaders have succumbed to the old rona.

Rohit then recounts his epic battle with his high beam, which then leads to an incredibly niche, and almost savant-like, 5 minute rant from Kushagra as he lists his most hated features about certain software programs and, of course, his toaster.

Next up, we play the aforementioned Spelling Bee, with a twist. Instead of spelling normal words, we attempt to spell words from Urban Dictionary, which goes as well as you can imagine. While we won’t be winning any spelling bee’s any time soon, we can at least now adequately describe Rohit’s attraction to jellyfish.

Finally we end with Mind Your Manners, where we analyse some corona scenarios and the etiquette surrounding them, “how long do you really need to wash your hands for?” Rohit also puts forward his awkward scenario and whilst we do outline the appropriate etiquette involved, the verdict is still the same: Rohit is a cheapskate.

Also this week: Moey DW, Adobe Acrobat, Bropocalypse and Jellyfish fetishes.

Segments this week:

The Logue: Tired of reaching around each other (at least on the podcast), the boys have instead decided to reach around the week’s news stories, events and viral trends.

The Urban Spelling Bee: In this segment, the boys do their best impression of Indian American teenagers as they guess the spelling of Urban Dictionary words.

Mind Your Manners: The boys discuss the dos and don'ts and correct etiquette to help you out of your next awkward social scenario.



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