Episode 172

Migs & Ikes

Sen continues to be MIA, most likely reeling from the impact of the loss of the Queen. It is rumoured that he fancied the colonisation that occurred, contrary to popular opinion.

The tenacious trio of Ro, Migs, and Kush first dissect Miguel's lineage and potentially an ancestor tree with names that are just "Miguel." We then return to the world of snack testing, this time from the Philippines where the boys froth sugary goodness.

We then move to the classic "Bullslut" - a game that Kush remains so successful in being hilariously terrible once more. We apologise to all listeners for Kush's apparent 30 seconds of silence each round.

An episode reeking of nostalgia, we return to "Dob in a Rare Unit" where we first break down a listener story involving an uncle. We then move onto walking a pet bird and end with a potentially dangerous yet German party enthusiast.

Also this week: Walking Pet Pigs, UK Cities, Bite Sized Treats, and ASMR.

Segments this week:

The Logue: Tired of reaching around each other (at least on the podcast), the boys have instead decided to reach around the weekโ€™s news stories, events and viral trends.

Bullslut: Thought writing 3 essays in 2 hours was hard? Try naming 20 European countries in 30 seconds. This is the game where, in 30 seconds, the boys try to name as many things as they can - all within a category chosen by the host.

Dob in a Rare Unit: Are you a rare unit? Is your family full of rare units? Are your mates rare units? Is your boyfriend/girlfriend/spouse a rare unit? If so, write into us and let us know the rarest thing theyโ€™ve done



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