Episode 176

TCB Goes Solo

The boys have broken up. It's official. Somewhat. We go full Ari Aster, full Artic Monkey, full random circular green dots on a canvas, by channelling our indie creativeness. This episode you get to hear the most inner, contemplative, and emotional thoughts from the boys one by one. You heard that right. One. By. One.

Miguel begins with his incredible insight into the state of football, and perhaps why it may be suffering from a decline. Kush goes deep into this cinematic knowledge, making it clear that he is there to worsen your movie watching experience. Rohit goes as meta as Dan Harmon's writing circle, creating a podcast within a podcast. And lasty, Sen airs his thoughts in a brutally honest fashion.

Also this week: Fifa, Tom Cruise insurance, firing an employee, and Optus.



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Established by 4 high-school friends in 2018, Critical Banter was formed through a shared love of comedy, entertainment and gaming. The launch of the podcast in 2019 was, at first, to validate their humour beyond their family and friends.

Now, The Critical Banter Podcast is a fast-growing comedy podcast that emulates the feel of late-night shows and engages heavily with their listeners to create relatable content - including story-telling, games and Q&As.