Episode 121

The Great Aussie Mullet

As of this recording NSW was on the cusp of freedom and just in time as well, lockdown has not treated the boys well. Regardless, whilst we can almost taste the freedom, the boys discuss their last few days in lockdown. Sen begins by revisiting Squid Game for the last time, before providing an update on his unwilling return to the office.

Ro then complains about the most mundane of things such as public transport before Migs throws out a call to the listeners on what his new haircut should be. Finally we end discussing some protests in New York as we discover Ro lives under a rock and Kush makes his Tik Tok debut.

Our game this week is โ€œCelebrity Name Game.โ€ Believe it or not, but Snoop Dog was not originally born Snoop Dog, neither was Eminem. This game tests the boys' knowledge of celebrity names and how well they know their original, given names. Given the lads barely know celebrities, this almost certainly canโ€™t end well.

#AskTCB is back this week as we answer questions written by listeners. We cast the net far and wide over Instagram and the TCB Appreciation Society and sourced the best questions and answered them on this week's edition. This week we answer questions about biggest regrets, what happens after we die, streaming services and furry porn.

Also this week: Fat Ronaldo, Kayo Sports, Discord and Ligma.

Segments this week:

The Logue: Tired of reaching around each other (at least on the podcast), the boys have instead decided to reach around the weekโ€™s news stories, events and viral trends.

Celebrity Name Game: The boys are given the government names of various celebrities and they have to guess what they are better known as.

#AskTCB: Listeners write in, the boys try their best to answer their questions.



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